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PowerStrat business intelligence software tools have been in existence since 1998, used by clients in both South Africa and the USA e.g. Sasol, Eskom, Battelle, ABS Consulting, BAH, CSX, Caterpillar, Motani Industries, several government agencies, Electric Power Research Institute, several energy companies, manufacturing companies in pharmaceuticals and furniture.

In 2014 we moved our strategic focus to the African continent where we foresee tremendous growth potential, and thus relocated our head office from Washington DC to Gauteng. At the same time we revamped many of the tools and introduced new ones to harness the capability of leading edge technology and proven strategic and operational methods of successful leaders and organizations. We can proudly claim that PowerStrat is truly differentiated from competitors in unique and meaningful ways that bring understanding and competitive advantage to our clients.

What competitive advantage from PowerStrat means:

  • It means you understand exactly what to do strategically and how you arrived at that conclusion.
  • It means you know what is at stake when you take or overlook action.
  • It means you can see your strategic position changes in real time.
  • It means employees understand how their role supports company objectives.
  • It means that you serve your customers better because you understand their details better.
  • It means you understand your liquidity situation, including how long the journey of your profits takes along the various paths, before it turns into cash in the bank.
  • It means that your bank and financiers will have more confidence to support you when you need to them.
  • It means that your employees can trust that you care about them because you use a talent management system that looks to grow them and place them with fairness in suitable positions.
  • It means that your culture spawns the feeling among staff and customers that your organization is a class act that is definitely worth supporting.


Stress Test

  • The benefit of PowerStrat is that it it is the perfect toolset to stress test things that matter.
  • Business Strategies, business portfolio values
  • Product portfolio and product pipeline values
  • Cash flow and forecast liquidity needed for survival and affordable growth
  • Affordable Growth…the amount your business can afford to grow


Core Expertise:

Organizational strategy and finance, product development, strategic marketing, business intelligence and data visualization experts, predictive analytic expertise, certified project management professional company, extensive experience with both S.A. and US clients. 


The PowerStrat Guarantee

Our culture is focused on 100% client satisfaction, and we take an interest and get involved in the weeds with the issues that clients face. As a result we truly understand client requirements and we craft intelligent and affordable solutions that are effective and practical. We manage projects according to PMI standards, and deliver on-time and on-budget solutions, that are “as simple as possible, but no simpler”. * 


The PowerStrat team has been developing business intelligence software and analytic solutions since 1997. Our business model was to develop world class software to RSA and US clients by using South African talent and leveraging the strength of the US dollar to be price competitive. After doing this successfully for over 15 years, we can confidently offer robust and innovative software development outsourcing to US companies at very competitive prices. 

The benefit of PowerStrat BI solutions is that we sell many dashboard modules that have been tried and tested over the years with clients. These are intelligent and thoughtful tools designed for departments such as finance, product development, marketing, production, treasury services, HR talent management, education management and risk management. There is almost always a 70% solution for a new client. This means that we can offer ideas and tweak ready to go modules to clients in short lead time with lower cost and high degree of success. We are always looking to work with clients who have novel ideas to improve something in their world of work. We have done many co-developments with clients and with our field and business intelligence software experience we love to create innovative tools with meaningful application with clients. At PowerStrat BI we believe in focus, and each of our divisions is focused on specific areas of perspective, some function focussed and some industry focused. 

 *Albert Einstein


PowerStrat Software

The PowerStrat Business Intelligence Suite of tools consists of the following software modules which include 27 sub-modules: 

  • Education Management 
  • Financial Management
  • Treasury/Liquidity Management
  • Products and Services Management
  • Market Segmentation
  • Strategic Management 
  • Talent Management 
  • Risk Management 

Each of the above modules is a comprehensive solution comprising several screens each serving a different purpose. PowerStrat in very intuitive and users quickly see what each screen does and how to work with it.


PowerStrat Lines of Business 

The PowerStrat BI business units provide clients with quality management consulting, software and software implementation ongoing support. These are: 


PowerStrat Strategic and Operational Solutions 

This PowerStrat BI business division provides expertise and software tools of both operational and strategic nature. We help clients work through the issues and get closer to answering the hard questions. Focus areas include: 

  • Product Portfolio and New Product Pipelines 
  • Business unit pipelines 
  • Key customer and market segment pipelines 
  • Corporate Strategic Fit Matrices 
  • Balanced Scorecard and The Three Voices Scorecard. 
  • Product, business, marketing and corporate strategic and operational plans. These are tied to dashboards to help manage, measure and keep on track. 
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning

We use tools to build solid going forward plans, but we have a unique method to get stakeholder participation and buy-in which is so important. Starting with assumptions, our Assumption Grid is brilliant at surfacing and quantifying assumptions in all functional areas of BU's and provides the foundation for realistic business plans; Ansoff matrices and wheels, Directional Policy matrix, GE matrix, Hoffer matrix, a host of pipelines by BU's, product groups and products, key customers, regions, DuPont’s, scorecards, PowerStrat Financial Analytics is elegant suite of strategic analysis models that offers empirically based tools. These tools build and display portfolio views of business units or products. 

For Instance, 1. PowerStrat helps clients to view their entire family of products both operationally by revenue, profitability, market share, share of key customers, regions, and strategically by views such as strategic fit, market attractiveness, competitive intensity and many other views. 

 For instance, 2. PowerStrat provides the platform to work through the product development pipeline. Clients can see and work with the portfolio of new products entering at different stages of development, together with views of expected sales, profitability, market share and so on. 

 For instance 3. PowerStrat financial analytics pulls clients financial data into Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow, ratios, DuPont analysis, Goalseek analysis, Price Waterfalls, and Key Customer Waterfalls, market segment waterfalls. These tools provide the power to drill into individual BU's and divisions as well as consolidate. 


PowerStrat Liquidity/Treasury Management Solutions 

 Cash in the bank is the ultimate truth of business performance. PowerStrat Liquidity Management Solutions provides specialized software and support to clients who would like to get better control of cash-flow, and stop leakages from the cash flow system. The method incorporates all aspects relating to liquidity including operational and non-operational, working capital, Capex, Acquisitions and expansions, all financing including inter-company loans, net cash requirements forecasted to 30 years using comprehensive statistically driven predictive analytic methods. PowerStrat Liquidity software is a module that pulls data from existing accounting and finance systems and provides full independent treasury management capability without affecting your data existing data. The dashboard components provide cut and dice perspectives from different components of the cash flow cycle. 

 Key points: 

  • Design – we have designed over 150 PowerStrat business intelligence dashboards and have all a full set of custom graphic the tools in-house. This means that for reports and business intelligence type applications we can control everything to the pixel level because we developed the source code. 
  • We are thoughtful contributors to our client’s development requirements. From years of management consulting experience, we have a solid understanding of strategy, finance, project management, marketing, product and service management, pipeline management, and process management. This experience helps us to offer suggestions that clients might not have seen as a solution or option. 


PowerStrat Education Management Solutions 

In 2014 together with Sunward Park High School and driven by the leadership of the Gauteng MEC, we tested a concept that effective education management would benefit from the strategic, operational and financial tools that assist our business clients. The results were positive beyond expectation. For example, just as new products and services move through the evaluation pipeline, learners (students) go through a similar process. Our wheel tool also gives SGB’s (School Governing Body) and the Principal’s the ability to visually cut and dice performance results by grade, class, subject, learner, educator, and also bring include merits/demerits, extra-mural, sport, feeder schools and psychometric test results. Finally, the PowerStrat financial management module for education interrogates and displays school financial school data is clear visual dashboards that can be easily understood.

Tools included are:

  • Learner Wheel, Education Wheel, Management Wheel 
  • Scorecards
  • Learner Pipeline
  • Scorecards
  • Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash flow, Waterfall.

 In addition to the above, we have developed dashboards to tie training to talent management and succession planning. We are currently working on a dashboard solution to help SETA's and their stakeholder i.e. the companies in the various industries 


Technical Information 

 PowerStrat Software Suite is coded in JAVA which is lightweight, works across all operating systems, easy to install, very quick and highly secure. 

  • Java – can be supplied as either a Java application or web applet. 
  • Browser information. Will run in any browser that allows Java applets e.g. Chrome, Explorer, Opera, Mozilla. 
  • Operating System. Will run in any OS e.g. Windows, Linux, Inix, IOS, Android. 
  • Database. Connects to all major data sources e.g. MS-Access, CSV, Excel, SQL, SAP, DB2, IBM-DS, Oracle, Cloud. 
  • Modular format. Tools for dashboard pages are supplied in modular format. 
  • Can work alongside other legacy business intelligence dashboard systems. 
  • Licensing. Customized licensing e.g. by number of modules, sites, and number of contingent users. 
  • Patents. Registered copyright and Patents Pending and in process. 

 The advantage of PowerStrat is that we provide a full implementation which includes assisting client database administrators to connect data to the dashboards. Once installed clients can fully manage the dashboards including configuration and new design, or we can provide this support. A customised approach to suit the neeeds of each client based on the KISA (keep it simple and affordable) principle.



  • Terence Kades B.Soc.Sc. MBA PMP - Managing Director
  • Mohammed Tag B.Sc. – Technical Director 
  • Carosin Buitendag B.Com MBL. Treasury Systems Director 
  • Sharon Da Gama B.Sc M.Sc. Education Management Solutions Managing Director 
  • Herbert Da Gama HDE; BA [HONS]) - Education Solutions - Director Strategic Operations
  • BEEE Status: Level 2 

 Our team are all seasoned professionals with many years of successful experience and up-to-date in the latest thinking and technology.