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Education Management Solutions



Supporting education management is the most important contribution we can make to the betterment of missions of lives. PowerStrat tools are superb to understand and manage education and training at all levels. 

In 2014 together with Sunward Park High School and driven by the leadership of the Gauteng MEC, we tested a concept that effective education management would benefit from the strategic, operational and financial tools that assist our business clients. The results were positive beyond expectation. For example, just as new products and services move through the evaluation pipeline, learners (students) go through a similar process. Our wheel tool also gives SGB’s (School Governing Body) and the Principal’s the ability to visually cut and dice performance results by grade, class, subject, learner, educator, and also bring include merits/demerits, extra-mural, sport, feeder schools and psychometric test results. Finally, the PowerStrat financial management module for education interrogates and displays school financial school data is clear visual dashboards that can be easily understood.