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Stress Test


  The benefit of PowerStrat is that it it is the perfect toolset to stress test things that matter in an intelligent process.
  • Business Strategies, business portfolio values
  • Product portfolio and product pipeline values
  • Cash flow and forecast liquidity needed for survival and affordable growth
  • Affordable Growth…the amount your business can afford to grow.

Strategic And Operational Solutions



Create sustainable strategies to take your company into the future with confidence, based on best of breed tools that work.

This business division offers expertise and software tools to help clients work through the issues and hard questions. We use tools to build solid plans to go forward, with buy-in that is so important. Starting with assumptions, our Assumption Grid is brilliant at surfacing and quantifying assumptions in all functional areas of BU's and provides the foundation for realistic business plans; Ansoff matrices and wheels, Directional Policy matrix, GE matrix, Hoffer matrix, a host of pipelines by BU's, product groups and products, key customers, regions, DuPont’s, scorecards.

PowerStrat Financial Analytics is elegant suite of strategic analysis models that offers empirically based tools. These tools build and display portfolio views of business units or products.


Services include:

  • PowerStrat Business Intelligence Dashboard Software
  • Hands-on managed support from total outsourcing to total client managed
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Support


Education Management Solutions



Supporting education management is the most important contribution we can make to the betterment of missions of lives.

PowerStrat tools are superb to understand and manage education and training at all levels.

In 2014 together with Sunward Park High School and driven by the leadership of the Gauteng MEC, we tested a concept that effective education management would benefit from the strategic, operational and financial tools that assist our business clients. The results were positive beyond expectation. For example, just as new products and services move through the evaluation pipeline, learners (students) go through a similar process. Our wheel tool also gives SGB’s (School Governing Body) and the Principal’s the ability to visually cut and dice performance results by grade, class, subject, learner, educator, and also bring include merits/demerits, extra-mural, sport, feeder schools and psychometric test results. Finally, the PowerStrat financial management module for education interrogates and displays school financial school data is clear visual dashboards that can be easily understood.


Liquidity Management Solutions



The fact is that one of the earliest lessons I learned in business was that balance sheets and income statements are fiction, cash flow is reality.                                                                             Chris Chocola 

Finally – a unique set of liquidity management tools really do empower business and treasury to get it right. PowerStrat Liquidity Management Solutions provides specialised software and support to clients who would like to get better control of cash-flow and stop leakages from the cash flow system both in the short term on a daily basis to the long term on a monthly an annual basis.

The methodology incorporates the short term cash flow forecasting to long term funding requirements and plans. The cash related items within the total organisation (not only treasury) are user driven and can also include non-cash working capital items to reflect working capital behaviour and position for comprehensive working capital management.

Extrapolation of short and medium term budgets or scenarios into long term view (can be as long as 30 years) using comprehensive statistically driven predictive analytic methods to assess the business viability and sustainability from a funding as well as a performance perspective. This tool also provides

assistance in the viability assessment of new strategies, projects or products.

The ability to judge the affordability of annual budgets and the monitoring thereof against actuals and revised forecasts through the financial periods have never been easier.

PowerStrat Liquidity software is a module that pulls data from your existing accounting systems and provides full independent liquidity risk management capability without affecting your data existing data. The dashboard components provide cut and dice perspectives from different components of the cash flow cycle. 

The software can be implemented as a pure strategic tool for determining funding requirements or performing viability assessment, or it can be implemented as an operational cash management tool which elevates into a strategic tool. The value of the software increases exponentially when it is incorporated into the cash management and budget monitoring and evaluation processes of the organisation.

This is a highly practical everyday use tool for business units and head office treasury function.

Services include:

  • PowerStrat Funding Model Software (including annual budgets)
  • PowerStrate Cash Management Software (including cash flow forecasting)
  • Liquidity Risk Management Dashboard
  • Hands-on managed support from total outsourcing to total client managed
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Support

Cash Management Software (Cash Flow Forecasting)

PowerStrat Cash Management Software tools are designed for the persons responsible for managing the day to day cash and liquidity requirements of an organisation. It incorporates all the cash relevant activities and provides for a rolling combination of daily and weekly time periods.

The information as presented indicate the short term cyclical patterns and short term cash surpluses or requirements to allow management to take the necessary actions in delaying, expediting or financing the outcome. The detail in the various structures defined by the organisation allow management to drill down to the events causing the undesired results. The effect of action plans can therefore both be monitored on a short term as well as long term basis.

Variance analyses between forecast and actual results supports management decisions and plans as well as providing institutional knowledge and intelligence by improving accuracy of forecasts.

The product can utilise any existing ash flow forecasting systems and information already available in the organisation (in any electronic format) or alternatively can be customised and provided to the organisation. 

 Funding Model Software (Budget, Actual & Forecasting)

PowerStrat  Funding Mode Software tools cater primarily for annual budget, actuals, forecasts and scenarios on a monthly basis for a multi-year period on a rolling basis. It is designed for the management to assess the financial affordability of their budgets and the performance evaluation in tracking the actual results against the budget or alternatively against a revised forecast or set scenarios.

It incorporates all aspects of liquidity including non-cash working capital to ensure cash management is not done on a silo basis and reveals cash trapped in debtors and inventory. It provides valuable information on the behaviour of creditors and debtors. Working Capital as the most efficient source of funding in any organisation can truly be exploited with this tool.

The information as presented indicate the monthly, seasonal and annual term cyclical patterns and funding requirements to allow management to take the necessary actions in delaying, expediting or financing the outcome. The detail in the various structures defined by the organisation allow management to drill down to the events causing the undesired or desired results. Funding requirements can therefore be addressed in terms of quantum, timing and duration. The cost of the finance are included back into the model to illustrate the ability to finance and repay such financing arrangement.

Financial sustainability or financial viability assessments are easily performed with this software set to allow management to take the appropriate strategic decisions. The various structures as defined by the organisation allow management to assess the sustainability at any of the following levels entity, product, strategy, country, cluster, etc.

The product can utilise any existing budgets, actuals and forecasting systems and information already available in the organisation (in any electronic format) or alternatively can be customised and provided to the organisation. 


BI Software



The PowerStrat Business Intelligence Suite incorporates twenty seven modules.

They span a range of subject and functional matter expertise including Finance, Cash`I Liquidity Management, New Product Development, Market Segmentation, Portfolio Management, Education Management, and Talent Management.

The benefit of PowerStrat BI solutions is that we sell many dashboard modules that have been tried and tested over the years with clients. These are intelligent and thoughtful tools designed for departments such as finance, product development, marketing, production, treasury services, HR talent management, education management and risk management. There is almost always a 70% solution for a new client. This means that we can offer ideas and tweak ready to go modules to clients in short lead time with lower cost and high degree of success. We are always looking to work with clients who have novel ideas to improve something in their world of work. We have done many co-developments with clients and with our field and business intelligence software experience we love to create innovative tools with meaningful application with clients. At PowerStrat BI we believe in focus, and each of our divisions is focused on specific areas of perspective, some function and some industry focused.


Key Points:

  • We are recognized experts in data visualization and business intelligence methods, KPI’s and tools. 
  • Design – we have designed over 150 business intelligence dashboards and have all a comprehensive set of custom graphic the tools in-house. This means that for reports and business intelligence type applications we can control everything to the pixel level because we developed the source code. 
  • We are leading experts in Java developments.
  • Secure application. We have experience working on E-Wallet mobile banking and have a great deal of cutting edge experience to build applications that ensure client data is secure and protected using the latest cutting edge proven technology.  
  • Applications, browser, tablet, PDA…we cover it all.
  • Database… we have executed developments that point to the main databases e.g. Oracle, SQL, SAP, Access, Excel. Database connectors can point to any data sources. We also develop databases for custom solutions. 
  • Algorithms and calculations can be done in the database or on the fly within an application…we have successful experience with both.
  • We are thoughtful contributors to our client’s development requirements. From years of management consulting experience, we have a solid understanding of strategy, finance, project management, marketing, product and service management, pipeline management, and process management. This experience helps us to offer suggestions that clients might not have seen as a solution or design function. 
  • In addition to Java we also offer clients the suite Microsoft Visual Studio solutions but for various reasons, we believe that Java is a more compelling solution.


Technical Information

PowerStrat Software Suite is coded in JAVA which is lightweight, works across all operating systems, easy to install, very quick and highly secure.

  • Java – can be supplied as either a Java application or web applet.
  • Browser information. Will run in any browser that allows Java applets e.g. Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Explorer, etc. 
  • Operating System. . Will run in any OS that has Java installed e.g. Windows, Linux, Inix, IOS, Android. 
  • Database. Connects to all major data sources e.g. Access, CSV, Excel, MS-SQL, SQL, SAP, DB2, IBM-DS, Oracle, Saas. 
  • Modular format. Tools for dashboard pages are supplied in modular format. 
  • Can work alongside other business intelligence dashboard systems. 
  • Licensing. Customized by number of modules and number of contingent users. 
  • Patents. Registered copyright and Patents Pending and in process.