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Welcome to PowerStrat

PowerStrat BI is a highly differentiated suite of software and deep skilled support, at the leading edge of Business Intelligence design since 1997. We pride ourselves in innovative solutions that leverages the latest technology technology to answer the hard questions in organizations as well as to display meaningful data in a smart visual format. Experience has shown us the intricacies of different departments at tactical and strategic levels, and the 27 PowerStrat modules are designed to support the nuances and needs of organizations. Having developed over 150 dashboards across a range of industries and we can offer efficiencies, best practices and a short path to successful implementation. 

PowerStrat is business intelligence with built-in subject matter expertise, predictive analytics, strategic and tactical guidance – encapsulated in leading edge data visualization dashboards. Our Team develops the code for all our tools and we can therefore customize to meet any needs. Thereafter clients can maintain their dashboards or we can based on a number of bespoke pricing models to suit all needs.  

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Strategic And Operational Solutions


Liquidity Management Solutions


Education Management Solutions


BI Software

Create sustainable strategies to take your company into the future with confidence, based on best of breed tools that work.   Cash in the bank... the ultimate truth of corporate success. Finally unique liquidity management tools really do empower...   Supporting education management is the most important contribution we can make to the betterment of missions of lives.   The PowerStrat Business Intelligence Suite incorporates twenty seven modules that span a range of operational areas, functions, and subjects...
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