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BI Software



The PowerStrat Business Intelligence Suite incorporates twenty seven modules.

They span a range of subject and functional matter expertise including Finance, Cash`I Liquidity Management, New Product Development, Market Segmentation, Portfolio Management, Education Management, and Talent Management.

The benefit of PowerStrat BI solutions is that we sell many dashboard modules that have been tried and tested over the years with clients. These are intelligent and thoughtful tools designed for departments such as finance, product development, marketing, production, treasury services, HR talent management, education management and risk management. There is almost always a 70% solution for a new client. This means that we can offer ideas and tweak ready to go modules to clients in short lead time with lower cost and high degree of success. We are always looking to work with clients who have novel ideas to improve something in their world of work. We have done many co-developments with clients and with our field and business intelligence software experience we love to create innovative tools with meaningful application with clients. At PowerStrat BI we believe in focus, and each of our divisions is focused on specific areas of perspective, some function and some industry focused.


Key Points:

  • We are recognized experts in data visualization and business intelligence methods, KPI’s and tools. 
  • Design – we have designed over 150 business intelligence dashboards and have all a comprehensive set of custom graphic the tools in-house. This means that for reports and business intelligence type applications we can control everything to the pixel level because we developed the source code. 
  • We are leading experts in Java developments.
  • Secure application. We have experience working on E-Wallet mobile banking and have a great deal of cutting edge experience to build applications that ensure client data is secure and protected using the latest cutting edge proven technology.  
  • Applications, browser, tablet, PDA…we cover it all.
  • Database… we have executed developments that point to the main databases e.g. Oracle, SQL, SAP, Access, Excel. Database connectors can point to any data sources. We also develop databases for custom solutions. 
  • Algorithms and calculations can be done in the database or on the fly within an application…we have successful experience with both.
  • We are thoughtful contributors to our client’s development requirements. From years of management consulting experience, we have a solid understanding of strategy, finance, project management, marketing, product and service management, pipeline management, and process management. This experience helps us to offer suggestions that clients might not have seen as a solution or design function. 
  • In addition to Java we also offer clients the suite Microsoft Visual Studio solutions but for various reasons, we believe that Java is a more compelling solution.


Technical Information

PowerStrat Software Suite is coded in JAVA which is lightweight, works across all operating systems, easy to install, very quick and highly secure.

  • Java – can be supplied as either a Java application or web applet.
  • Browser information. Will run in any browser that allows Java applets e.g. Opera, Mozilla, Chrome, Explorer, etc. 
  • Operating System. . Will run in any OS that has Java installed e.g. Windows, Linux, Inix, IOS, Android. 
  • Database. Connects to all major data sources e.g. Access, CSV, Excel, MS-SQL, SQL, SAP, DB2, IBM-DS, Oracle, Saas. 
  • Modular format. Tools for dashboard pages are supplied in modular format. 
  • Can work alongside other business intelligence dashboard systems. 
  • Licensing. Customized by number of modules and number of contingent users. 
  • Patents. Registered copyright and Patents Pending and in process.