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How We Work With You

At PowerStrat Business Intelligence we try to accelerate the path to the end result. There is usually the opportunity right away for a few quick wins that are useful to users. The ROI with PowerStrat starts early on in the relationship. This is made possible by our modules that connect directly into client databases, even Excel, MS Access or Sharepoint files.

A client project proceeds through logical phases as shown in the diagram below. A small working team with PowerStrat BI and Client staff is assembled to lead the project. This Team will establish the requirements, ensure that the designs meet the needs of users, that the data is made accessible, that the right people are selected for training, and that the implementation is efficient. Implementations typically follow the project management process developed by the Project Management Institute headed by a qualified Project Management Professional (PMP) provided by PowerStrat BI. This ensures that clients receive the best possible attention and outcome.



Benefits - The PowerStrat Difference

PowerStrat has many ready to use modules. This potentially means that many clients can get started fairly quickly and with minimal cost in money and time. PowerStrat is 100% developed in South Africa and we control all the source code thereby offering clients’ total customization, even to a pixel.

Business Intelligence has become rather complex environment with much chatter about big data, predictive analytics, and data visualizations. Vendors claim wonderful things but the reality is that many business intelligence projects fail to meet requirements. We understand that clients don’t know what they don’t know because the fast changing BI environment. The PowerStrat Team will show clients practical suggestions of tools and methods based on best practices and real successes. Of course PowerStrat includes predictive analytics and spiffy interactive data visualization …we’ve been at it since 1997 and continue to innovate.

PowerStrat invented the interactive data Wheel in 2000, since copied and commonly known as the sunburst. We also invented the interactive portfolio performance modeler which we sell exclusively to our clients. PowerStrat continues to innovate with human-computer-interface (HCI) excellence, giving clients a pleasant experience using intuitive and effective tools that do the job.

Return on investment is easy to see with PowerStrat. Firstly projects get implemented fairly quickly in a short track process and with tools that are designed to be effective. PowerStrat unique visualizations and algorithms provide insights and understanding of situational factors that may not have been seen by clients.  Clients report seeing “a blinding glimpse of the obvious” that just popped via a PowerStrat tool, enabling them to grow the business, plug a leak and be more effective.


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