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We are interested in teaming/ working with VAR’s who are established and have brand recognition. We are particularly interested the following areas:

  1. Potential VAR’s: With recognized functional expertise e.g. financial analysis, liquidity, forensics, product development and product management, strategic marketing, talent management. If you believe that your functional expertise could be leveraged to grow your business by incorporating the PowerStrat suite of Business Intelligence tools, then we would like to discuss this with you.
  2. Industry specific focus and expertise: Potential VAR’s with industry specific expertise, who would like to deepen their client relationships and broaden their revenue streams by adding business intelligence software to their offerings. Examples include the mining, education and training, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, retail, energy, telecoms, transportation, logistics, engineering.

PowerStrat BI offers software tools, subject matter and technical expertise to our VAR partners. We are in a position to tweak our tools to incorporate proprietary new aspects provided by VAR’s for exclusive offer to their clients.

Please call to discuss…Terry Kades – Managing Director –Tel. 079-367-9036