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The PowerStrat Business Intelligence Suite consists of twenty seven modules. These modules span a wide range of subject and functional matter of practical use to everyday organizational life. These 27 modules belong to the following parent category modules:

  • Financial Management
  • Treasury/Liquidity Management
  • Products and Services Management
  • Market Segmentation
  • Strategic Management
  • Education Management
  • Talent Management and Succession Planning


Financial Management Dashboard

The financial management tools include the full set of financial statements, price waterfalls, various breakeven analysis (company and product), goal-seek, variance analysis, entity flows, ratios, and what-if DuPont style modeling. This package provides all the tools that most organizations use in their ongoing activities. Data can be imported from Excel, SQL, MS Access, Oracle, SAP,  DW, Cloud or any other popular data sources.


Treasury/Liquidity Management Dashboard

PowerStrat Liquidity Management tools is designed for the persons responsible for managing the Treasury or liquidity of the company. It incorporates all aspects of liquidity including working capital and shows the cash requirement on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. Cash flow forecast can be done for up to 30 years driven by economic and business indicators with predictive analytics programmed into the tool.

At the BU level, the tool is the basis for BU's to input budgets, actual, revised forecasts and perform a range of variance analysis. BU's also develop their own forecasts using economic drivers pertinent to their business. Currency is also catered for with a currency converter into the currency used by the Treasury/Group CFO. A full set of detail and quick view charts to view data from varios perspectives is part of this powerful tool.


Product And Services Management Dashboard

Managing products and services means managing the existing portfolio which is the current business, and the future new products. The approach for these is different. PowerStrat product tools incorporate validated world class methods used by the successful companies whose brands we all know well. These methods include Ansoff analysis and pipeline analysis modeled on the stages and gates method. On the financial side, the PowerStrat product breakeven tool provides quick  ‘What-if”  modeling that would otherwise take weeks to perform. This gives the product teams the tools to use their skills and experience on the fly in an unbroken flow instead of having to wait days and weeks for data to be analyzed. The pipeline portfolio provides pre-programmed cut and dice views that the product teams typically consider, and this can be easily customized to suit their own approach. In summary, PowerStrat product tools will get to the issues faster, simpler and with greater accuracy than any other system.


Market Segmentation Dashboard

Profits come from markets and understanding the composition of markets is a basic requirement in any marketing and business plan. PowerStrat market segmentation uses a market map approach and can do so because we have developed a market map that is truly unique to visualize the flow of products in the markets and market segments held by competitors. PowerStrat provides the ability to perform “What-if” modeling to the marketing and product teams to ensure that they understand the true market dynamics including the R values, volumes, market share’s, channels and large customers. This helps to target the expectations, product mix, pricing and communications in an effective manner. 


Strategic Management Dashboard

Strategic management is regarded as a higher level view with the path forward set by the directors, after considering a variety of strategic and operational factors. So what these factors and how can the people responsible for strategy be aided to see the perspective and to recommend the best path forward? New models for analyzing and developing strategy are proffered all the time. Does that mean an old model is no longer valid because it is old and times have changed? Each organization has a different approach, driven by its leadership. PowerStrat includes many models and perspectives of analysis. We have been in strategy for a long time and some things are fundamental. For example strategy is developed using assumptions; BU's require own strategy and the corporate parent requires its own strategy in relation to its BU's; the corporate portfolio is a mixture of organic growth, acquisitions and pruning the portfolio; understanding customer needs matter and customer relationships are part of this understanding. PowerStrat strategy models show the data of portfolios and pipelines over time with drill-down into the BU‘s looking at different strategic and operational aspects, thus leading the way to establish strategy and keeping it real.


Education Management Dashboard

We have long realized that the process of educating or training a person is not that dissimilar from the process of developing, manufacturing and marketing a product, and in 2014 we took the decision to design a series of business intelligence dashboards for the management of schools in South Africa. This was aided by our experience with the Gear-Up program in the US for which we also designed a dashboard analytic and reporting solution. Working with the experimental school of the future, Sunward Park HS in Boksburg, we created a series of dashboards and data visualization tools that have received accolades from many educators, principals and department directors and officials. The PowerStrat Education Management System links as a modular component with SASAMS and other similar systems…and includes a financial management and reporting module.  We offer a delivery, support and pricing model that is easily configurable and affordable for any school, as our contribution in support of all stakeholders in the education system. This set of tools can be used at provincial and national level as well as for SETA’a and FTC’s.


Talent Management Dashboard

The talent management dashboard were developed with a client ABS to full their need to manage talent and succession planning of their 1000 plus workforce placed at over 100 country location offices. The tool had to answer questions such as bench-strength, skills gaps, demographic profile of the workforce, languages and citizenships, who could be moved to a different country, experience in different positions, ready for promotion under certain conditions, CV’s and a full set management reports with drill down from top all the way to a particular employee. This valuable tool gelps to align and prepare any organization to thrive in its environment, as it’s the people who make an organization unsuccessful. 

The PowerStrat modules and sub-modules are integrated components and clients can select on a smorgasboard  of 27 options. This can also sit together to complement client homegrown dashboards or other vendor dashboards.


Technical Specifications

  • PowerStrat Software Suite
  • Java – can be supplied as either a Java application or viewed in browser via an Applet.
  • Browser information. Will run in any browser that allows Java applets e.g. Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla etc.
  • Operating System. . Will run in any OS that has Java installed e.g. Windows, Linux, Inix, IOS, Android.
  • Database. Connects to all major data sources e.g. Access, CSV, Excel, MS-SQL, SQL, SAP, DB2, IBM-DS, Oracle.
  • Modular format. Dashboard pages with tools programmed for specific functions are supplied in modular format.
  • Licensing. Various licensing and pricing models to suit client requirements.
  • Technical support. Provided at a variety of levels of service levels.  
  • Patents IPR. Registered copyright and Patents Pending and in process.