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Q What is PowerStrat about?

A PowerStrat is a suite of 27 modules that fall under eight BI Dashboard types e.g. Finance, Strategic Portfolios and Pipelines, Product Development, Liquidity Management Solutions, Talent Management, Education Management, Market Segmentation and Risk Management. A Manufacturing module will be introduced on 25 May 2015.


Q Is PowerStrat really differentiated from all the other BI tools and services?

A Yes PowerStrat is more sophisticated that 95% of other BI tools because if incorporates best practice knowledge in a way that guides users to see and interpret data that is not always  apparent. PowerStrat provides some unique visualizations that others simply do not because they either havent thought of it or they are too difficult to design and program. We know because we did it.


Q How does PowerStrat licensing and pricing work?

A PowerStrat modules are licensed individually with prices depending on number of users, modules and so on. Each situation is tailored to client needs.


Q Is PowerStrat work with data on the Cloud? 

A Yes, PowerStrat is data agnostic and works with all popular databases, cubes and warehouses.


Q Will PowerStrat work with different Operating Systems?

A Yes, PowerStrat is Java based and "plays well" with all Operating Systems.


Q Is PowerStrat designed to work for tablets and smart phones?

A Yes PowerStrat can be used on tablets. Smartphones by virtue of their small screen size can use PowerStrat but larger screens are recommended.


Q How long does a PowerStrat implementation take?

A IF client data is available then implementation can be from a few days to a few months depending on the scope of course. 


Q Can PowerStrat be customised?

A Yes totally customised for each client. The beauty of PowerStrat is that we start with a canvass that is already 80 percent of what a client would normally require and so customizations are relativly quick.


Q Is there a limit on customizing PowerStrat?

A No limits at all. PowerStrat is developed entirely by us in South Africa and eveything can be customised down to a pixel if necessary.


Q What does the process of a PowerStrat  BI dashboard project look like?

A We meet with client to discuss requirements, things that are urgent, low hanging fruit items, and from this information we present a project plan. 


Q Does PowerStrat follow Project Management Institute (PMI) project implementation guidelines and practices?

A Yes, all projects are managed by a fully regigistered and qualified Project Management Professionsal (PMP) to ensure that our clients get the best service and reliability possible.